QR Ticket

QR Ticket

The system includes an infrastructure for the production and control of entrance tickets, traffic control and wallets based on QR-Code and NFC. The infrastructure operates online to produce and control traffic, and local offline versions are used for centers that have Internet outages or limited Internet access, and synchronize information as soon as they connect to the online server. Two-layer security issues are considered for all transactions of this system and minimize the possibility of errors and violations. Currently, several recreational and touring centers use this system.

To connect to this infrastructure, the relevant web services are available to other developers, and it will be possible to manage sales and traffic control in one piece.

This product includes mobile purchase and control software, shopping website, sales kiosk product software, box office computer software and bank poz software with the cooperation of the company to pay the nation.

The pay-118.ir website belongs to the Future Perspectives Company of Parsian and has been launched with the aim of facilitating and expanding the use of tourist, recreational, historical, religious and other tourist centers and places. During the agreement with the above service providers, the company will sell their tickets. In addition to ticket sales, customers are also informed about the special discounts, basic familiarity with the facilities and services of the places. The purpose of this website is to help you plan a fun and safe family trip. For more information or to cooperate with this collection, please contact us through communication channels

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