QR Ticket

The system includes an infrastructure for the production and control of entrance tickets, traffic control and wallets based on QR-Code and NFC. The infrastructure operates online to produce and control traffic, and local offline versions are used for centers that have Internet outages or limited Internet access, and synchronize information as soon as they connect to the online server. Two-layer security issues are considered for all transactions of this system and minimize the possibility of errors and violations. Currently, several recreational and touring centers use this system.

EZi workflow motor

This system is used to dynamically define the flow of processes in other systems, especially SharePoint. The operating system is based on Microsoft Work Flow, which allows the user to define their processes in a familiar environment called MS Visio. After defining the process in MS Visio environment and refining it in the main system, the new process can be easily used. Other features of this system include scheduling various tasks (Task Manager) as well as connecting to other information resources and collecting them (ETL) in a single bank.

Mobile presence and absence software

This mobile application is a replacement for the presence and absence device and can be used in different places, ensuring the location using Bluethooth, Wifi and GPS technologies.