Isfahan Regional Contractors, Consultants and Electricity Evaluation System

Isfahan Regional Contractors, Consultants and Electricity Evaluation System

The system is implemented using the DotNetCore programming language in Backend and Angluar Js in Frontend and with the SQL Server database. The process rotation engine tool has been used to evaluate the evaluation processes. In short, this system is used to evaluate companies and the roles of contractors, consultants and supervisors, and various evaluators use scores to check scores. They do. Forms go to different evaluation cards according to the defined processes, and finally the evaluation results are determined.

Objectives of the contractor evaluation system, consultants and supervisors

Transparency assessment procedures and the application of procedural unity in the evaluation of contractors, consultants and supervisors
Facilitate access to corporate and corporate identity information as a reference database
Record the records of reprimands and reminders to the contractor, consultant and supervisor companies for information and use of all companies in the electricity industry.
Increase efficiency and effectiveness of evaluation methods and transition from qualitative to quantitative methods
Improving the process of evaluating contractors, consultants and supervisors in Tavanir Company and its subsidiaries

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